North Food Group meets the various needs of its price and volume driven wholesale customers by offering a full collection of food and related products with stable price and reliable supply. North Food Group, as a sophisticated international food trader, applies global commodity trading strategy to its purchases and distributions and diversifies international trading risks from political threats, economic fluctuations, and weather by procuring from a wide range of geographic locales, including internationally, and maintaining considerable amounts of inventory in its own warehouses on a continuous basis. North Food Group’s leadership in global food trading helps its wholesale customers secure competitive positions in international food distribution markets. 

Retail and Food Services 

North Food Group provides a highly diversified collection of high quality food and related products to its retail and food service customers who serve consumers who desire premium quality food. North Food Group, as a large food processor and distributor, takes advantage of its purchasing power resulting from the economic scale and scope of its procurement capabilities to acquire special products globally at a low price. With its innovative food processing technology and logistics capacity, North Food Group brings convenience of one-stop shopping and delivers high quality products at a competitive price to its customers. 

Government and Institutions 

North Food Group specializes in serving regulated entities in the United States with the highest food safety standards in the world. Besides acquiring high quality raw materials, North Food Group undertook on its own initiative to build its own facilities to adhere to strict different standards, which are higher requirements than normal commercial standards. By consolidating all of the resources and other advantages at its disposal, North Food Group has successfully been supplying food and related products to regulated entities in the United States for many years.

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