We are located in a major agricultural and food products producing area of the United States, in Dallas, Texas. As a result, we are centrally located and can receive most shipments within the same day as they are placed aboard an airplane.


We always have a reasonable transit time for shipping via ground transport from most locations in the United States. We operate our own fleet of trucks that can deliver to the surrounding states, including but not limited to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, New Mexico, and Kansas, within a day, as well as nationwide by common carrier within two or three days.

In addition, being based in Dallas, we are near one of the principal passenger and commercial airports in the world, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. This ideal location allows us to ship to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and anywhere in the world on short notice, allowing us to deliver to our customers the freshest possible products in the shortest possible time.

If our clients seek to have products shipped by ocean carrier, we are able to make those arrangements through various US ports on the West and East Coasts. We are also able to leverage our central location to ensure that we have a sufficient quantity and quality of product in our warehouses at all times.



Distribution Channels

North Food Group uses a wide range of distribution channels for its products, including but not limited to distributors, agents, strategic sales partners, and similar channels, though North Food Group does not engage in direct, retail, or online sales. We sell through other distributors who deliver our product to smaller purchasers. Our sales agents sell to customers of all sizes.


We also leverage our relationships with our strategic partners to drive sales of our products throughout the world. We believe in establishing meaningful relationships with our distribution partners across all channels.

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